Coze Tea Studio



COZE Tea Studio

COZE [kohz] - 1. To converse in a friendly way. 2. A feeling of warmth and comfort. 3. A cozey tea studio.

SIP. RELAX. RESTEEP. Coze Tea Studio is a serene escape serving cozey pots of tea and relaxed vibes in Historic Stone Mountain Village. Our vision is to curate an experience that cultivates a community where serenitea steeps. We served our first pot December 2018, welcoming all to gather for relaxation, co-working or just sipping tea within our tranquil space. From afternoon tea to birthday gatherings to baby showers, experience what is steeping in the heart of Downtown Stone Mountain.

We are proud to be the home of Atlanta's most intimate events; evoking lasting memories for all who fellowship within our cozey spaces. Check out our sister location: Coze Event Space